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The Dream Inn – Santa Cruz

This is a great Hotel and location to Paddle-OUT, and Surf-IN….all through the beach door of the hotel.

And to really top off the day…Try it Surf and Turf style.

Just a few minutes away is the Allister Mackenzie course, Pasatiempo.  A Championship golf course for many men who set out to qualify for the U.S. Open.

After playing many golf courses around the world and having put Surfing on my “never to do” list.  This surf and turf combo is now on my “Best Day” list.

Dreamin’ of it again.The Dream Inn - Santa Cruz

65 is the new 45

Kristy (vintage 2002) turned 65 yesterday. She is an amazing woman! In September she will have completed her doctorate degree and will, in turn, have more time for golf.

She loves her husband, two boys, and fun loving parents and sisters. (Her mom is in the picture with Kristy) Kristy has a twin, Kathy, who is also rolling back the clock.

We ❤️Kristy and Kathy.