65 is the new 45

Kristy (vintage 2002) turned 65 yesterday. She is an amazing woman! In September she will have completed her doctorate degree and will, in turn, have more time for golf. She loves her husband, two boys, and fun loving parents and sisters. (Her mom is in the picture with Kristy) Kristy has a twin, Kathy, who…

You the Woman!!!

Pink moto, high heels and a white helmet with Pink polka dots. She is looking at the cop in the right lane. He is checking out her heels. Is this legal?

The Parvina Lifestyle Network

The Parvina Lifestyle Network is about women enjoying golf, food, wine, travel, and spa in a relaxed environment.  No previous experience necessary. E-mail us to join.

PGA Show Fall Apparel

PGA Show in Orlando, FL Great new fall line of apparel.  I am looking forward to the release of these new releases.