You go fast! No, YOU go fast.

A blast from the past: Tini Parvini behind the wheel. She can drive for show… but I am still waiting for her to be able to putt for dough.  🙂        

Earth Day in the Vineyard

SANTA ROSA, Calif.  – Sonoma County Winegrowers announced today that more than half of all vineyard acres in Sonoma County have completed a sustainability self-assessment after just 15 months since the organization announced its bold commitment to become the nation’s first 100% sustainable wine region by 2019. This early success exceeds expectations indicating the strong…

High Tech Virgin

I FINALLY took a flight with my longtime friend… We were “leaving Las Vegas”. 7 AM flight. My friend and I are always in competition with “our teams”.  My team being Southwest Airlines and his team, Virgin America.  I like Southwest for its many destinations and frequent flights.  SWA is very forgiving if you miss…

CES: Consumer Electronic Show

IMHO:  Intel had the best outside marketing and messaging…Sony had the worst. It was plain and boring.  Why bother? And then there were the drones, droids, and dudes.

Save Water, Drink Wine

“Girls Night Out” with Mom and Sis in Las Vegas.  Whether your amongst the California drought or in the desert, its always a good time to conserve water… AND drink wine.  We were in LV to see Shania Twain for one of her last concerts at Caesars Palace.   And her motto would be…”Save a horse,…

Bodega Bay Lodge & Spa

If you only have a short time to relax on your getaway, be sure and enjoy the jetted spa while staying at The Bodega Bay Lodge. The infinity spa and the infinite view across the ocean are priceless and twice as relaxing.

Rosé Wines: Provence Style

Rosé wine sales are on the rise. They are dry (not sweet) and nothing to blush about. The lighter shade of red depends on the grape used and how long the grape skins were in contact with the juice. Grab a few rosé wines, chill them ice cold and drink them on a warm day….