High Tech Virgin

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 10.34.40 AM I FINALLY took a flight with my longtime friend…

We were “leaving Las Vegas”. 7 AM flight.

My friend and I are always in competition with “our teams”.  My team being Southwest Airlines and his team, Virgin America.  I like Southwest for its many destinations and frequent flights.  SWA is very forgiving if you miss your flight or want to change it. Virgin, however, does not have as many flights and charges a $75 change fee if you want to change your flight.

“His team” upgraded us to the front of the plane based on his loyalty.  All was looking pretty good to go…

And then…. once we got out onto the flight deck to take off, the captain made an announcement stating that we were turning around and going back to the gate.  We were having mechanical issues. He said we needed to “reboot” the plane. (Did he mean technical issues?)

I asked the stewardess what that might mean. I asked if it was similar to Ctrl-Alt-Del (PC) or Command C (Mac)? She said that this was “not normal” however, it was nothing to be alarmed about. Despite her trying to calm me, I still wished that I could “cut and paste” myself onto “my team’s” flight.

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