15 yr Pinot Noir – 1999 Chateau St. Jean, Durell Vineyard

Well, I needed something a little more exciting than the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

After the first quarter, I went to the library section of my wine cellar and pulled a 1999 Château St. Jean Pinot Noir from the Durell Vineyard. I then made a phone call.

I made it to my girlfriend Margaret’s home in time for the halftime show. We were going to brave the rest of the game together.

Margaret is a vineyard grower and appreciates a fine wine and a good game. We settled for one of the two.

After opening the bottle, I no longer paid attention to the game clock or scoreboard. Up front the wine was smooth and rich. The exciting part was that this wine was only gonna get better.

(The first twenty minutes is a good time to take the first analysis and compare it to the second twenty, and so on until finished. The biggest changes come after the first 20)

The nose was soft and elegant. On the palate, it still held the black fruit, cherry, and spicy flavor the back label hinted of its youth.

About 12 minutes into the first quarter (of the bottle) the wine set off a funky smell. It was short, not sweet and then back to its excellence. This wine had only a hint of a fumble. The rest of the bottle was as cosmic as Bruno Mars meeting Parvina Venus.

This wine was a champion. A 15 year champion! Margaret added the bottle to her wall of fame. It stands with the other champions on Wine Memory Lane.


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